Things you might like to know!

Q. What are the price range of your dresses?

A.  Our wedding dresses range from £199 to £799 depending whether its a one-off dress or a new one to order.  Our occasion dresses range from £45 to £225.

Q.  What dress sizes do you stock?

A.  Our dresses range from a size 10 to size 18, although we can order some dresses from a size 6 to a size 20.  Unfortunately we are unable to stock a dress in more than one size but sometimes we are able to loan dresses from our designers.

Q.  What is the delivery time of your dresses?

A.  If you buy an off-the-peg dress then you can take it away.  Our designer dresses and our own collection are samples only - this means you can try them on and then order a brand new one of your own. A designer dress to order takes approx 4 - 6 months to arrive.  One of our own collection of wedding dresses only takes 2 weeks!

Q.  Are your dresses made to measure?

A.  All of our dresses are standard sizes.  Each design house, including our own, has their own measurements they work to - as in any high street shop you may be a size 12 and a 14 in another.  When ordering any of our dresses, your measurements are taken, and the dress size will be ordered nearest to your measurements. This may mean that alterations will be needed to make it a perfect fit.  We always advise that the price of alterations will need to be thought of when purchasing your dress.

Q.  Can you make alterations to my dress?

A. We have a list of recommended seamstresses, some of which will come to the shop, but normally you would make contact with them direct for fittings/alterations.  They provide this service by appointment.  Please ask if you would like our list.

Q.  Do I need an appointment to try on dresses?

A.  We are very aware that brides work all different hours so we made the decision to open when you need us to open - we can only do this by offering an appointment service.

We hope to have answered some of the questions you had about what we offer, however please contact us if you have any further questions - we are only too happy to help.